We're able to customize your perfect trip because of combined decades of experience in the world of travel and education. Before you trust us with your family and friends, get to know the Ondago family. Meet the members of the Ondago team that are committed to creating not only a customised trip, but a truly special one.




Wendy Mulligan

Meet Wendy Mulligan, Ondago’s resident whiz kid when it comes to all things travel. If Ondago was a 1 woman show she very well could be it. With years of specially curated knowledge of the industry, she brings an expertise that can’t be bought. Want to travel and travel right? Place your trust in Wendy, Ondago’s superstar Operations Manager.

Liz Lambert

Meet Liz Lambert, Ondago’s Pioneer. Her always intriguing conversation has probably already won you over, but if by chance her name is new to you, we say give her a chance to say hello and you’ll see what we mean when her charismatic charm takes you on a roll. As Ondago’s most senior and talented Account Manager, Liz’s name is synonymous with Awesome!


Sonia Cheng

Meet Sonia Cheng, the go-to, get-it-done, master of knowledge as it pertains to student travel. Sonia has a long standing history with Ondago's sister company, ISX Canada. The travel bug has bitten many of the Ondago team members, and Sonia is no exception. Having travelled to over 30 countries and even paused to live in Japan for a number of those years, Sonia has invaluable first hand tips on how to globe-trot like a pro, and she brings all that experience into her role with Ondago.

Rafael Osorio

Meet Rafael Osorio! Ondago's Graphics Wizard. Our magical Marketing Analyst and Graphic Designer that without whom, we would have no way of showcasing what we do! Constantly seeking new ways to enhance Ondago's branding and visual impact, "Rafa" brings the colourful fun to Ondago that makes us pop! Rafael's work is worth every pixel!


Fernanda Benedet

Meet Fernanda Benedet! She is very much into systems and data and a bit of an analytics nerd. Ondago relies on her brilliant know-how on everything data and systems related. With over 10 years experience working in her specialty, the fascinating Fernanda is Ondago's numbers wonder girl!


Leslie Zulauf

Meet Leslie Zulauf, Creator of Ondago, and Ondago's predecessor ISX. The origins of his many business pursuits all have had one factor in common... his Just Do It outlook on life. Les, as he's more commonly referred to, is the Founder, Owner and Managing Director of Ondago, which he conjured up in an effort to establish a company that could provide more educational and fully customizable travel experiences to those seeking to explore the world around them! With 20+ years in the travel industry, Les has become a Guru of how to do student travel in the most enriching and exciting ways possible.